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Turner Realty Company, Inc.

Turner Realty Company, Inc. is a family owned an operated real estate office serving DeSoto County and surrounding areas since 1956. In its infancy, Turner Realty Co., Inc. was one of Florida’s leading independent real estate offices specializing in large acreage tracts and all aspects of agriculture. When life insurance agencies entered the industry in the early 1980’s, becoming direct competitors to the real estate market, Turner Realty realized a shift in focus was necessary in order to remain competitive. This is when TRC transitioned from its sole agricultural focus and began handling residential properties and smaller tracts of land.

Since its inception, TRC has been among the top two real estate agencies in DeSoto County; the other being The Williamson Group Realty. Eugene H. Turner, Jr., is the Broker of both offices, however, Michelle Williamson, co-founder of the Williamson Group, is solely responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of that office.

Today, the office hosts 7 full time Sales Agents with over 187 years of experience. The office handles large agricultural tracts in addition to residential & commercial sales. Turner Realty is proficient in local zoning and building codes and Land Development Regulations. The office works regularly with County and State governments to address Development of Regional Impacts, contributing largely to DeSoto County’s economic expansion plan.

Thank you for your interest in how we became who we are. We appreciate your visit to our webpage and hope to be able to assist you soon!

Eugene Turner, Jr., Broker
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